How to Update Windows 10

Going forward, if you need to install or reinstall Windows, you can connect the drive to your computer and reboot it. Your PC should boot to the drive, giving you the option to install Windows. 5.Click Next when you’ve adjusted the options, leave USB flash drive selected, and plug your USB drive into your computer. In fact, basic Windows 10 is the only option, so don’t stress yourself looking for a Pro option. In addition to common issues to look for, there’s another task you should take on — create a bootable USB drive.

Microsoft rolls out new updates for Windows 10 to fix issues, roll out new features, or further optimize performance. These updates can patch up crucial security holes and reduce the risk of exploits, or make your computer run better and smoother. Microsoft on Tuesday made the seventh Windows 10 feature update dubbed May 2019 Update or version 1903 available to non-Insiders. In addition to security and performance improvements, the update includes new features like a new light theme, Windows Sandbox for app testing, and the ability to pause updates . And follow the onscreen instructions to update drivers to their latest versions. After you complete the steps, the setup will continue upgrading your device to the new release of the operating system.

If you want to get rid of Python 2.7, you can uninstall it before or after installing a newer version—there is no difference to this. Every minor version of Python, that is any 3.x and 2.x version, will install side-by-side with other versions on your computer. Only patch versions will upgrade existing installations. Select Docker Desktop from the Apps & features list and then select Uninstall. Containers and images created with Docker Desktop are shared between all user accounts on machines where it is installed.

This means you don’t have to worry about if it is legal to get Windows 10 for free. And, if you’re worried about if you can upgrade to Windows 11 if you already got WIndows 10 for free, well, it’s just as easy and painless. That led Microsoft and manufacturers to introduce digital licenses in Windows 8 as an antipiracy measure, so end users aren’t installing the platform on additional machines. However, Microsoft also moved Windows 7 over to this method. This license becomes locked to your Microsoft account. On the surface, this looks a lot like a return to the pre-Windows 10 status quo.

It is worth noting that Microsoft usually encapsulates device drivers within a CAB file. As such, you will need to extract the CAB file’s contents before continuing. Technically, it’s too late to get a free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8/8.1 to Windows 10. However, even after last year’s deadline, Microsoft kept providing upgrades when users typed in their Windows 7 product keys.

  • This feature has since been removed as Microsoft retired the deferred branch.
  • PowerShell will download Chocolatey for you and launch the installation.
  • Once you are able to enter the Boot Options Menu, simply select “Removable media” and put it as the first item so that you computer would boot from it.

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Navigate to the mounted image and install a bootsector

Resize/move, merge, clone partition, and check file system error. When the process is completed, the status bar will turn green, and you can close the window to finish. Once you have customized the options, click on “START” to make the USB bootable. With the right devices and information, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a Windows 10 operating system booted conveniently from your USB drive. Sometimes, the BIOS on a motherboard will only check certain USB ports, so try another one and restart your PC if you’re having issues. Now, you can move on to actually booting your Windows 10 operating system from your USB flash drive.

Both types of drives can technically be used for Windows To Go, but only fixed ones will work with the creation tool built into Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. It is entirely possibly that some process is accessing the USB drive. Make sure to close all programs running in the background and do not actually open the drive itself (double-click on drive within explorer) to copy the content of the Windows 10 ISO.