Windows 11 vs Windows 10 Performance: Gaming and Applications

I’ve already written how I hate the Windows 11 taskbar, and I’m genuinely stunned Microsoft is shipping Windows 11 like this. While a bunch of games support Auto HDR, DirectStorage support isn’t available at the launch of Windows 11, and it will also be available on Windows 10 once it’s ready. Microsoft is integrating its new Xbox app into Windows 11, though. It offers a better way to download and install games from Xbox Game Pass, and it even includes the ability to stream Xbox games from Xbox Cloud Gaming . It’s a great way to position apps the way you want them to appear on multiple monitors, or virtual desktops.

Recovering your data from a backup is much easier than recovering it from a failed Windows installation. For that reason, we recommend making a backup of your data before attempting anything. Of course, data loss is always a possibility due to circumstances outside of our control. For that reason, keeping a backup on hand is the most effective data protection method. 👌 Eject devices safely – Removing storage devices in the middle of write processes can corrupt your data.

Businesses know all too well that backups can make or break a ransomware recovery strategy and the same goes for those looking to preserve files of a different nature. Select “My Library” on the left pane to access all previously installed apps. You’ll also be given an option to ‘clean the drive fully’ – again, skip this unless you’re selling on your PC. Finally, click ‘Reset’ and let your PC do the rest. You’ll see the programs that will be removed if you choose it, and others that will be restored. This should help you decide whether to use it or not.

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Your partition will be created upon supplying the answers. Just pay attention to the commands we used to create three partitions. You can create partitions in a single line command as well as we show in the below screenshot. Ext4 is a robust, stable filesystem, and it’s what most people should probably be using as a root filesystem in 2018.

  • Implements the Ext4 Multiblock Allocator which improves the performance on Ext2 or Ext3 as well by a superior efficiency upon block allocation and by minimizing fragmentation of the volume.
  • And when I tried the game in Windows 11, it was giving 60fps again .
  • There are also made several key changes and improvements to the Task View UI, which is where many go to see an overview of all their running apps.

Every now and then, you’ll want to make upgrades to your system hardware. The most common part to upgrade is a hard drive to a solid-state drive, or a shiny new graphics processing unit . At times, however, you might want to replace your motherboard—the bit of the computer that helps all the other parts communicate.

Cute Partition Manager

There is still room to improve parts of Windows 10, which annoys some users with product promotions and alerts Click Here about software updates. It’s a positive development, but it doesn’t mean that Microsoft has achieved Nadella’s Windows nirvana. If Windows gets revamped, software developers might want to bring their software to the operating system to capitalize on renewed public attention. The company could benefit by getting more hot properties into its app store for Windows. If people spend more time in the store, they might also spend more money in the store. Auto HDR is a good feature that allows PC owners to have a near HDR experience on games that don’t support HDR natively.

This article, updated to reflect Windows 10 version 2004 , covers the most common scenarios you’re likely to encounter when installing, reinstalling, and activating Windows 10. You can check on your File History status by scrolling to the bottom of the Backup Optionspages and selecting See advanced settings under Related Settings. Doing so will open the Control Panel File History window, where you can see the status and access to additional options. If your Windows 10 installation can make it to the sign-in screen, but you cannot load the desktop, you can still boot into the recovery environment.